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The contest method offers exceptional value

Enjoy the hassle-free simplicity that Logo Atlas brings to you: our designers always put their best effort into their logo designs and submit them to your contest and left for you to decide the best. In fact, if you are torn between more than one design you have the option of purchasing additional designs.

Join the revolution!

Design has evolved and we are on the cutting edge; you no longer need to risk being stuck with the creative ability of one mind, rather be part of the millions who have discovered the amazing crowdsourcing benefits that contests offer.

Post a contest today and allow us to create your dream logo

The speed and quality you get is addictive; when dozens of highly skilled designers from all over the world are involved, what you get is simply outstanding and the competitiveness of the process helps turn your logo ideas into masterpieces

Get the best logo design every time



Imagine 30 to 40 dazzling logo concepts to choose from for the price of one. Who would want anything else?



Need some changes? You’re covered, feel free to request the designer for any changes you need on the logo.



After it’s all done you receive a zip file with your final logo render in high resolution in a variety of formats.