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Frequently Asked Questions


The amount you offer as your contest prizes is always a great factor to the amount of submissions you attract, however, there are other ways to attract more designers to participate in your contest, here are a few:

  • Simplify your contest description – Designers are attracted to join the contests with a clear & easy to understand description. So, when creating your contest, make sure to keep it simple. Also, to further help the designers understand your visual needs make sure to upload reference images, and you may also point them to the logos in our portfolio.
  • Communicate often & promptly – Clear and fast communication will always help make the process smoother and faster. At the initial phase use the public board to share open feedback to all designers and later replyto your selected designers fast, this will help in both speed & quality
  • Invite designers directly – One of the easiest ways to attract designers to join your contest is to send them a direct invite. On the designer’s profile page,click the invite button to invite a designer to your contest.

There are 3 main phases in the contest process:

  • Stage 1: Submission Phase –This phase lasts for up to 7 days.In this stage, the contest is open to all designers, designers submit multiple logo concepts based on your description butonly the contest holder can view the submitted concepts, feedback is provided through the public messaging board.After receiving sufficient submissions have come in, the contest holder will choose at most 3 qualifying designers and the contest will enter into the next stage.
  • Stage 2: Decision Phase – This phase lasts for up to 5 days.In this stage, only the 3 qualifying designers can upload new logo concepts, but at this stage, the designers can see each other’s submissions. The designers will continue to follow the contest owners’ feedback and submit improved concepts and finally the owner will select the final contest winner.
  • Stage 3: Closing Phase – This phase lasts for up to 3 days. In this stage, the contest owner can ask the contest winner to make any final adjustments to the winning logo if needed. Once the final logo design is good to go, the designer uploadsthe finalsubmission in a zip folder containing the required file formats, and after the contest owner downloads and confirms the final files the contest prize will be released and the contest owner will give their feedback to the designer.

The listing fee for posting a contest is $19 – this is paid while posting your contest.

The contest prize is the amount the winning designer will receive, we present 3 suggested packages:

i.Minimum for $99
ii.Standard for – $148 and
iii.Gold for $198

These prizes were set based on the industry standards for logo design work, they represent the generally expected rates for logo design work; gold represents complex logos requiring a lot of custom work such as drawing mascots, standard represents normal logos and minimum simple logos. We encourage contest owners to work with these preset packages but we also present the option to set your own prize amount.

In the case you donot like any of the submitted design concepts or you don’t see any logo design that is close to your preference at the end of the submission phase, you can select from any of the following 2 options:

  • Repost – You may repost the contest at no fee only once, this can only be done at the end of thesubmission phase. When reposting your contest, make sure to make your description more elaborate and provide better samples, and you might want to increase your contest prize in case you had set an unusually low amount.
  • Cancel – You can also cancel the contest and receive a refund for the contest prize. Please note the listing fee is not refundable. You can cancel your contest by selecting the cancel button which appears on the contest details page at the end of thesubmission phase

Your contest prize allows you to select ONLY one winning designer from the contest. However, after awarding the winning design you will have the ability to purchase any of the other logos from non-winning designers. The price for the non-winning logos is set by the designers

Yes, we offer both cancellation and refunds; in case you are not satisfied with the design concepts you received in a contest you can cancel the contest or request a refund. Here are some details concerning refunds and cancellations:

  • Refunds and cancellations can ONLY be requested at the end of the submission phase;therefore, you cannot request a refund or cancellation after selecting a qualifying or winning designer.
  • You need to place your refund request not later than 60 days of payment.
  • Your refund will NOT include the listing fee
  • You may only cancel a contest once

There are 2 main ways for you to communicate with the designers in your contest:

  • During the submission phase you can only communicate via posting in the public message board
  • After the submission phase, you will be able to write directly to a designer in your contest
  • After the contest is over you will be able to post a review for the designer which includes a comment of your experience working with the designer and a star rating

We are better than freelance designers because our contest format allows you to enjoy diverse talent from many designers from all over the world. Additionally, our platform protects you when dealing with these designers. Designers on our platform are professionals and they are competing with one anotherwhich always produces amazing results. Your contest will also attract many designs offering you a wide range of choices. Additionally, we provide an option for contest holders to set their own budget giving you an unusual advantage that you can’t quite get while dealing with a single individual. Here is a shortlist of benefits

  • Enjoy amazing ROI: Since we have thousands of designers from all over the world, there is no limit to the number of design concepts you can receive when you run a design contest on our platform. When you create your contest, all designers can compete thus offering contest holders extremely great return for their investment
  • Determine your budget: When you run a contest on our platform, you are able to set your own budget; if your design requires a higher budget or you wish to attract many designers by offering a high prize, you are able to do so and if you have a smaller budget you are still able to post a contest
  • Minimize risk: With our platform, you are not tied to a single designer,submissions come from many designers that you can choose from. If you are not impressed by one designer, you have the freedom of choice and can invite a designer you like.
  • Get covered: Our structured process guarantees uniform quality to all our customers,our designers work within set rules, design within professional standards and provide final logos within the industry’srequirements.
  • Save time: Your contest is open to various designers from all over the world and there are always some designers who are ready to start work. So, when you run your design contest, designers start submitting designs– no quoting, no time-wasting.
  • Save money: We are not an in-house studio and we don’t employ designers in-house. That means you are free to relate with designers based on your budget. As a result, you would save more money. Moreover most of our designers are freelancerdesignersworking fromhome and therefore have low overheads

Your logo ownership document will be submitted with the final logos as part of the package

As a customer, in need of design: Go ahead and click on the Post a contest button to begin setting up your contest. To successfully post a project, you need to complete these steps:

  • Choose the type of design you need from the design category.
  • Write a project description that would be presented to the designer community.
  • Provide your basic account details; name, email, password…
  • Pay the listing fee & contest prize

All these can be done within a few minutes and from your desk!


As a designer, wanting to submit designs: Welcome to the team, go ahead and select sign up as a designer. To successfully register as a designer, you need to complete these steps:

  • Provide your basic account details; name, email, password…
  • Verify your account by clicking the link on the account verification email
  • After creating your account, we will ask you to submit a few sample designs made from scratch by you, these designs are required to help us determine your level of skill and professionalism
  • The administrators will evaluate your application and respond back to you
  • After these steps, we ask that you fill out all the fields needed to complete your profile including adding designs into your portfolio section, the more you have filled out the greater your opportunities
  • Then go ahead and browse through the open design contests and select any that you are interested in
  • Click on the “Submit Your Design” link on the contest page to submit your original design

Contacting designers outside out platform is against our policies and may result in termination of your account. We provide both tools and processes that enable our clients and designers to easily and effectively communicate and discuss on our platform. In case of any unforeseen issues with your project and for your security we strongly recommend that you restrict all your communication with designers on the platform.

The winning designer can only be awarded at the decision phase. To award winning designer, follow these steps:

  • Having already selected a few qualifying designers by this stage, place your mouse over the logo you wish to award and select award
  • You will be prompted to confirm your action and after you confirm then the winning design and designer have been set

Note: Awarding the winning designer automatically moves your contest into the Closing Phase. Nevertheless, you will still be able to request minor revisions on the design before the prize is released to your winning designer. And in the case you like another design you will be able to purchase that design after closing the contest

Stock images are images that are professionally photographed or designed and are licensed or sold for use to the licensees or buyers. Sometimes, our designers may incorporate stock images and clipart into their designs in order to create high-quality photos or design for clients.

In case a designer used a stock image in his or her design, you can easily know by looking at the right panel of the design. In the panel, you would see a list of all the stock images used in the design together with the links to the stock images in case you want to learn more about each stock image.

Qualifying designers are the best-performing designers in your contest. You will have to choose at most 4 qualifying designers at the end of the submission phase: To choose your qualifying designers:

  • Hover over the design concept that you like the most and choose award
  • Make sure to select designs by up to 4 different designers

Select to confirm your choice when prompted and when done these designers will be alerted about your choice and what to do next


Note: Once the design contest isover, revised designs can no longer be submitted. But if you find yourself in this case, contact our support team for further assistance.

NO! You cannot submit the same design concept to multiple contests. For instance, if you submit the same design concept to multiple contests and the design wins multiple contests, legal problems regarding copyright violations may occur. In order to prevent issues like this, you are not allowed to submit the same design to multiple contests. However, you may reuse a non-winning design concept in another contest. But before doing this, you are required to withdraw your non-winning design concept from the previous contest before submitting it to the new contest. If for any reason, you are not able to withdraw your non-winning design concept from the previous contest, kindly contact our support team for further assistance.

Yes, you may submit different logo variationsand multiple logo concepts into a single contest if you chose to. It is often advantageous to provide several ideas and different variations to give the customer a wide variety of choices. Variationsrefer to different arrangements of a single logo which may include the same logo in different shades, different layouts etc. However, it is best to make logo variations meaningfully different, designers who consistently submit designs and or variations that are closely similar may be penalized.

This is allowable, after a contest closes all non-winning entries become available for sale and a contest holder may purchase any design they want to. During the purchase, the customer may request further revisions which the designer is responsible for.

You can communicate with contest holders either via the public message board or via private messaging

Public message board

The public message board allows the contest holder to post public messages to all designers.

Private messages

After the submission stage, the contest holder will be able to communicate directly to the selected designers.

The following are the submission guidelines for designers on our platform:

  • Designers must without fail submit original designs
  • Designers must submit logo on a clear, bright and unobtrusive background
  • Designers must place sufficient padding around the design
  • Designers may not use any gradient or image as background, white or light gray backgrounds are preferred
  • Designers may not submit any unfinished mockups unless they are requested to do so by the client
  • Designers may not submit multiple designs that have nomeaningful & unique differences from each other
  • Designers may not provide their contact information to clients
  • Designers must upload the correct logo package file. The standard logo package accepted on our platform includes: high res. PNG and .JPG files (the .PNG file must have a transparent background), Vectored source file in EPS, AI, or PDF format, Black and White version, the Logo icon, a text file specifying all the fonts and colors used in the design. The logo package must be submitted in a ZIP format and named the logo title i.e. LogoTitle.ZIP

Designers must be professional and polite. They must not discuss any issue relating to violations in the contest area or about logo concept copying. They must not complain about other designers or the contest owner. In case something is unfair or not right, designersshould contact our support team for further assistance.